Sleek, Safe, and Stylish Walk-In Showers Personalized for Your Hygiene Needs

Walk-in shower systems are exquisitely designed to enhance your safety and comfort. These specially-designed products are created using either low thresholds or no threshold so that you may easily transition from the open bathroom space into the shower unit. If you are in the market for a shower system that is sleek, safe, and stylish, the walk-in shower unit is for you!

Ease of Access

The highlight of the walk-in shower unit is that it may be entered in to and exited from with ease. It does not matter if you are an older adult with mobility issues, one who has physical limitations, or have a family that has children, these luxurious systems will be a welcomed and much appreciated addition to your home due to their ease of access.

Design Options are Virtually Endless

When electing to have a walk-in shower installed in your home, you will quickly find that the design options available are virtually endless. You may choose from a wide array of options for the entrance. These include opened, curtain integration, glass doors, and even plastic enclosures. You may also choose from walls composed of just about any material available, customized faucets, unique shower heads, and more! Examples of design options include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Contemporary Organic
  • Timeless Traditional
  • Bold Modern
  • Classical
  • Simple
  • Farmhouse
  • Urban

Your Needs, Met

When electing to integrate a walk-in shower into your home, you will quickly find that the products come with a wide array of accessories, features, and more to ensure that your individual needs are met. You may customize the walls of the unit, select from standard to technologically-advanced shower head units, and integrate an assortment of accessories – such as handrails and slip resistance flooring. Walk-in shower units offer the largest variety of features and accessories of any bathroom product available!

Call for a Design Consultation Now

We here at Southern Industries Home Improvements are standing by and waiting to assist you with your design consultation. We will obtain your information, consider your needs, and gather information on your personal preferences so that we can create the walk-in shower of your dreams! Contact us now and inquire about our low-cost installation special of just $79! This deal won’t last forever! Connect with a design consultation specialist now by calling: 833-240-4900

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