From Dull and Drab to Lovely and Luxurious with Our Tub to Shower Conversions

Improve your access and showering experience by converting that old, boring bathtub into a stylish shower that improves your safety and comfort through customized components and special features. Each of our specially-designed shower systems are custom crafted to meet your preferences and remodel budget. Best of all, the systems we offer here at Southern Industries Home Improvements are guaranteed to last a lifetime!


The Reimagining Process Made Easy


Most homeowners believe that the conversion process associated with going from a traditional tub to an updated shower unit is costly and tedious; however, this is far from fact. We help you through the reimagining process and handle all of the details associated with the conversion. Our bath and shower experts will help with the custom creation process, ensuring that you get the shower of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.


4 Simple Steps to a Stylish Shower


Our installation professionals only indulge in 4 simple steps to transition that boring bathtub into a stylish shower. These are:

  1. Removal of the Existing Unit
  2. Preparation of the Space for the New Shower System
  3. Constructing the Base
  4. Installation of the Shower Walls

Components & Features

When engaging in tub to shower conversions, there are several components & features that are included or may be included. These include the following:

  1. Shower Pan – This component is necessary to ensure that the shower system properly drains. This is part of the floor that will be put into place.
  2. Enclosure – Most tub to shower conversions require the inclusion of an enclosure. You may choose from a single door or a double door. You may also choose from plastic, glass, and other materials. If you so desire, you may bypass the enclosure and opt for a shower curtain option only.
  3. The Walls – When engaging in a tub to shower conversion, it is likely that the walls surrounding the unit will need to be updated. For high-end remodels, you may choose stone casting. For a lower-cost project, you may choose an acrylic-based wall option.
  4. Faucets & Fixtures – Naturally, a shower will require a faucet system and a shower head – at the minimum. You may choose from sleek & simple or comprehensive & technologically advanced – the choice is yours!
  5. Safety Components – Additional safety components must be considered when converting a bathtub to a shower system. Examples of the components that you will want to consider include grab bars, safety liners, anti-slip features, and handrails.

Our Tub to Shower Conversion Services

We here at Southern Industries Home Improvements offer several choices for homeowners interested in tub to shower conversion services. Simply call us immediately to take full advantage of our free in-home consultation. If you call now, you may be eligible for our low-cost installation special. Be sure to inquire once you connect with one of our remodeling experts by calling: 1-704-703-2616

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