What Kind of Replacement Windows Should I Buy for My Home?

Replacement Windows

If you are in the market for replacement windows, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed at the choices available to you. Generally speaking, there are 6 basic types of replacement windows. These include awning, casement, double-hung, fixed, hopper, and sliding.

These may be further distinguished as bay, bow, garden, high performance, and storm. It will take a little consideration before selecting the type of replacement windows you should purchase for your home.

There are many factors that must go into the decision. Continue reading to learn about these. 


The first step to selecting replacement windows for the home is to consider the color and theme of your home. When you make your selection, you will be presented with various choices – in terms of color.

Will you replace your siding or leave it the same? Are you attempting to maintain consistency when it comes to the architectural style of your home. Are you going with a certain color scheme?

You may choose from a standard color throughout or you may choose to have your windows display one color on the exterior and another color on the interior. The choice is yours, but it is a choice that will need to be made. 

Energy Performance 

The next factor that should be considered in the energy performance of the replacement windows. If you live in the North, you should choose windows that have a U-factor rating of .27 and under.

These will help in providing a higher level of insulation and the preservation of energy within the winter months. If you live in the South, you will want to choose replacement windows that have a low SHGC rating.

These are designed to effectively block solar-based heat and aid in keeping the home cooler during the summer months. 

Opening Style 

The next consideration that must be made when shopping for replacement windows is the opening style that you prefer. One of the most popular opening styles chosen by homeowners is the double-hung window, which is also referred to as the “vertical slider”.

You may also choose from a horizontal slider, or openings from the side, the bottom, or even the top. If you have no desire to have the window open, you may choose fixed windows. These are also referred to as “picture windows”.

You may work with a home improvement company to determine the best windows for your individual needs. 

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