Pest Problems Are Common with Wood Siding Within the State of Georgia


Home siding that is composed of wood is considered to be highly vulnerable to a vast array of pests. In fact, it has been established that wood siding is the most attractive among pests. It is true that precautionary methods may be performed to avoid damage.

However, these steps may prove to be time consuming and expensive. If you have wood siding or are considering adding wood siding, continue reading. Here, you will learn about pest problems that are quite common with wood siding within the State of Georgia. 


Woodpeckers are naturally attracted to wood. First, they drum on it to mark their territory and attract a mate. They excavate nest or roost holes in wood. They use it as a means to store food.

Finally, they feed on the insects that are residing within the wood. Woodpeckers commonly go right for wood siding on a home. This is especially true when it comes to homes in the State of Georgia. 

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants bore into wood in order to make nests. While wood is not considered to be a food source for the insects, they are attracted to wood that has moisture present because it is soft and exceptionally easy to chew through. 

Carpenter Bees

As is the case with carpenter ants, carpenter bees do not eat wood siding; however, they will bore into wood siding in order to make a space for their nests. 

Powderpost Beetles 

These types of beetles are well-equipped to cause immense damage to wood siding. The larvae are capable of boring small holes and tunnels. They do this during their feeding sessions. 


The termite is considered to be the “king” when it comes to wood siding destruction. According to statistics, a total of about 60,000 of these pests are capable of consuming an entire 2×4 beam within a span of just 5 months!

You will only see the damage caused to the siding. If you have a termite infestation, you can be certain that they are also causing damage to the building materials of your home underneath the siding. 

In Conclusion 

Wood is a material that acts as a form of food, a breeding ground, and a shelter for a wide assortment of pests. Yes, it is possible to take steps that will protect your wood siding from pests; however, these require money, time, and diligence.

It is best to opt for a form of siding that does not attract pests. The best choice on the market today is vinyl siding. Not only is this type of siding pest-resistant, it is also resistant to moisture. 

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