5 Walk-In Bath Features That Will Boost the Safety of a Senior’s Bathroom

Bathroom Handrails

The National Council on Aging states that at least one adult out of every four that are 65 years old and older suffers from a fall each year. Most of these accidents occur within the bathroom.

There are two culprits that play the largest role in the occurrence of bathroom accidents. The first is the floor – which easily becomes slippery.

The second is the step-over threshold of the bathtub. The most productive means of avoiding falls is working to prevent them through the installation of a walk-in bath.

Don’t stop there, though. Make sure you integrate the following features to provide an instant boost to a senior’s bathroom:

  1. Lowest Step-In – When you have a walk-in bath placed in the bathroom that an older adult will be using, you should ensure that you purchase one with the lowest step-in height possible. The lowest one available on the market today is offered by Southern Industries Home Improvements and is only 3 inches in height. 
  2. Strong Handrails – The next step to boosting the safety of a senior’s bathroom is to ensure that the walk-in bath has interior grab bars and handrails that are installed on the exterior area of the frame of the unit. This will keep your loved one safe, secure, and in complete control of their movements. 
  3. Fast Drainage – As one moves from the interior of a bath unit to the exterior area, it is common for water that slowly drains out of the unit to become a barrier to movement. You can easily overcome this issue by purchasing a walk-in bath unit that includes fast drain technology. In addition to draining fast, this technology helps fill the product fast, too! That way, once your loved one gets in, they receive almost instant access to the water and by the time they are ready to move out of the unit, it is out of their way. 
  4. Multi-Function Handshower – The next step to optimal safety in a walk-in bath is the integration of a multi-functional handshower. These allow the user to move the water where it is needed rather than moving their body around unnecessarily. By limiting movements within the walk-in bath, you will be limiting the possibility of an accident from occurring. 
  5. Slip-Resistant Base – When installing a walk-in bath, you will want to only choose those that have a slip-resistant base. This way, when your loved one moves in and out of the unit, the chance for an accidental fall is reduced. Movements are safer – even if moisture is around. 

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