3 Signs Your Home’s Siding Should Be Replaced 

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The siding of your home is considered to be the very first line of defense – in terms of environmental conditions, moisture, and even pests. Furthermore, its placement aids in the protection of all of the interior components of your home. These include building materials, electrical components, the systems of your home, and all the way to your personal possessions.

Replacing the siding on your home may seem like a large and challenging endeavor; however, it almost always only needs to be done just once. It will help prevent complications in the future that could result in expensive repairs. Here, we will share 3 signs that the time is NOW when it comes to replacing your siding. 

Sign #1: Cracks and Gaps Are Present 

Cracks and gaps are not visually appealing. The truth of the matter is, though, that outward imperfections are more troublesome than simply making the home unsightly. These small little complications have the ability to compromise the overall structural integrity of the home.

This is mainly due to the fact that the openings allow moisture in behind the siding. Additionally, pests – such as carpenter ants and termites – are sure to move into the openings and make their way to the most sensitive areas of your home. If you notice cracks and gaps, it is time to replace your home’s siding. 

Sign #2: The Development of Moisture and Mold 

If you notice moisture developing inside of the home, you should move to the exterior to determine if that particular area has moisture. If you notice that your siding is damaged there or there is moisture and/or mold growing in that area, it is time to get new siding.

In some instances, a small area of the siding may be repaired; however, if moisture or mold has made it to the interior of the home, it is time for action. Failure to do so could result in the destruction of your home. 

Sign #3: Increased Utility Bills 

If you suddenly notice that your utility bills are starting to increase and there is no obvious cause, chances are, it is your siding.

Go through the home and see if you notice drafts. These may be near windows, doors, and even electrical receptacles/switches. You should have the home inspected immediately. In most instances, it will be determined that the siding and/or insulation (or, both) are to blame. 

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