What Type of Warranties Are Offered by Southern Industries Home Improvements? 

If you elect to complete your home improvement projects with the materials and services offered by Southern Industries Home Improvements, you will be pleased to know that the company offers several different types of warranties. The company believes that it is important to protect each of the investments that their clients make.

The quality products that we offer are backed by the most comprehensive guarantees within the home improvement industry. Continue reading to learn more about these warranties. 

The Ultimate Gutter Guard Warranty 

The warranty associated with the Ultimate Gutter Guard System is extremely comprehensive. It provides the following:

  • Guaranteed not to clog up with natural or organic debris – such as leaves and pine needles
  • A 20-year paint warranty ensures that the finish will not peel, chip, or experience any cracks
  • A Lifetime Workmanship Warranty covers against defects related to installation
  • The repair of any workmanship defects as long as you own the home

The Replacement Windows Warranty 

If you choose to get replacement windows with Southern Industries Home Improvements, you will be pleased to know that each window system is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty with transferrable provisions. 

The Vinyl Siding Lifetime Limited Warranty

If you have your home’s siding replaced with our vinyl siding, you will enjoy a comprehensive warranty. Examples of that which is included in this coverage are:

  • Lifetime Limited Fade Protection
  • Hail Damage Protection
  • Blistering Protection
  • Corrosion
  • Flaking
  • Peeling
  • Manufacturing Defects

Installation Warranty 

The installation warranty offered by Southern Industries Home Improvements covers windows, doors, siding, soffit, and fascia, gutters, carports, pergolas, sun rooms, decking, screen rooms, and radiant barriers.

This includes a 5-year labor warranty for installation defects. In the first year following installation, any installation issue will be fixed – FREE of charge!

Trip charges may be incurred thereafter. Also, material defects are covered by the manufacturer of the products under a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Energy Barrier Warranty 

Finally, there is an energy barrier warranty provided. This relates to the multi-layer thermal reflective insulation. It is provided to the original consumer purchaser or the owner of the home.

It is not a warranty that may be transferred to another homeowner if the structure is sold. This warranty pertains directly to any and all defects that are associated with the actual products or the installation of said products. Please refer to the Resources section on our website for comprehensive details pertaining to this warranty. 

Contact Us Today 

We here at Southern Industries Home Improvements specialize in a wide range of products and services. If you have home improvement needs, we can assist you! The work and the products that we use on your home will be covered by one or more warranties.

You should inquire about these warranties when consulting with our specialists. If you have a project that you would like done, we encourage you to contact one of our home improvement professionals today. When discussing your project, be certain to inquire about our low-cost installation special: (833) 240-4900



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