What Is the Best Type of Handicap Shower Unit? 

It has been estimated that the average adult in the United States spends approximately 8 minutes in the shower each day. If you average this up, it rounds up to about 52 hours each year.

For a product that is utilized as much as the shower, it is essential that the product fits your lifestyle, accommodates your needs, and ensures your safety and comfort.

If you have limited mobility, range of motion, or other health complications, it is essential that you place an emphasis on upgrading your home with a handicap-accessible shower unit. 

What Is a Handicap Accessible Shower? 

A handicap-accessible shower is designed with certain features and elements that allows anyone that has any issue to utilize the shower in a comfortable and safe manner. These often come with grab bars, rails, technologically advanced shower heads, and slip-resistant flooring.

The entrance to the showers typically has no or a low threshold and are wider to ensure ease of entry. There are ADA showers that have more features due to the strict requirements as set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Low or No Threshold Shower

When opting for a handicap-accessible shower, it is important that you go for those that have a low threshold or no threshold, whatsoever. The no-threshold option is referred to as a “barrier-free shower”. These are among the best on the market.

The shower unit is easy to clean, does not have corners, and typically do not involve the use of grout. These are open and spacious but do not provide the same level of privacy as other types of showers. To provide an instant boost, it is advised that you add a heated floor to the shower. 

Wet Bathroom 

The next type of shower is the wet bathroom. Basically, this opens up the entire bathroom into a large, open space. The only downfall is that other aspects of the bathroom may get wet during showering. This may be adjusted with the increased threshold of the room and a sloped-down drain.

The unfortunate aspect to this is that you will need to tile the floor, and the walls all the way up to the ceiling. This is a bit more expensive than the low-threshold or barrier-free handicap showers. 

Contact Us Today 

If you are ready to have a handicap-accessible shower to your home, contact us today at Southern Industries Home Improvements. Not only can we help you determine the best type of shower for your home, but we can assist in the integration of accessories that will improve your showering experience. 

Examples of the types of accessories that you may add to a handicap-accessible shower include shower seat units, shower controls, technologically-advanced showerheads, rails, and even storage units!

The handicap showers that we specialize in are luxurious, safe, and extremely comfortable. You will find that they instantly transition your showering experience. In addition to this, these products will increase the overall value of your home. To learn more, contact us now at: +1 (843) 868-5757


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