What Is a Green Seal Product Certification? 

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If you are shopping for home improvement products – such as gutter systems, windows, siding, and baths – it is quite likely that you have discovered that one or more of those products have a green seal product certification label.

You know that this is a seal that you can trust, but why? What is it all about? You will be able to identify this easily.

It includes a blue circle with a green check across the circle that says “Green Seal Certified®”. Continue reading to learn more. 


Green Seal is a non-profit organization that specializes in developing environmental standards based on science. The official seal was released 3 decades ago.

It is considered the pioneer – in terms of ecolabels within the country. It is a consumer designated seal that informs the general public that they are buying a safe, green product.

Today, the seal indicates that the product it is on meets the absolute highest standards in terms of both the environment and the health. Each product that contains this specific seal has passed standards that are exceptionally strict. 

Symbol of Excellence 

The green seal product certification is considered to be a symbol of marked excellence, worldwide. Each product has been designed to and adheres to standards that mean that they uphold sustainability standards among government agencies and organizations that specialize in green building.

The green seal emphasizes a high level of safety and health. These are created in an environmentally-safe way from the raw materials to the manufacturing to the packaging to the use, and all the way through the disposal process. 

The Product Criteria 

When you purchase a product with green seal certification, you are guaranteed the following:

  1. Harmful chemicals were avoided during the manufacturing process and none are present in the product
  2. The materials used to create the product were reduced, are reusable, and are recycled
  3. The performance of each product is uncompromised and ultimately superior to similar products available on the market today

Each product that is green seal product certified is considered a safe alternative to similar items. These products are designed to help consumers make product selection choices that are healthier and greener.

We here at Southern Industries Home Improvements specialize in a wide array of green certified products designed for the home. If you are interested in an eco-friendly choice, go with us! 

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