What Causes Drafty Windows?

Now that the outdoor temperatures are starting to plummet, it is quite likely that you have felt a draft with – at least – one window in your home. That distinct chill is not welcomed – by any homeowner. In most cases, the underlying cause is not serious; however, if air is getting in, that means moisture can pass through, too.

In short, the longer you have a drafty window, the more serious the complications that may – eventually – arise. In this brief article, you will learn what causes drafty windows. 

Failure of the Window Seal 

In most cases of drafty windows, the culprit is as simple as a failure of the seal. This occurs through normal wear and tear, through the accumulation of mold, as a result of windows that were not properly installed, and seal breakage in the shipping process.

Additionally, this can occur when the windows that are installed are not built or designed to handle extreme weather conditions. This issue most commonly occurs with windows that are double or triple-paned. Once the seal breaks, the contained argon gas leaks out and no longer offers insulation. 

Window Caulking Cracks 

The second most common reason for drafty windows is the development of a crack in the window caulking. This caulking surrounds the window – in the area where the frame directly connects to the structure.

Outdoor weather changes result in the expansion and contraction of windows. Over time, this causes the caulking to become worn. The fix is very easy. You simply need to replace the caulking on your windows. Once sealed and dry, you will find that the drafts instantly stop. 

Aging Windows 

The next reason that your windows may be drafty is because of the fact that the windows are old. This is especially true if you live in an older home or you have windows that only have a single pane of glass. In fact, it is common to have drafts in older homes.

You may try to seal the windows, integrate thermal décor on the window, or caulk around the window; however, the best solution for this issue is to simply have replacement windows placed throughout your home. 

Keep in mind, though, once you elect to have replacement windows added to the home, you do not have to do all at once – just start with those that are in the worst condition and work your way throughout your home.

Which window has the strongest draft? Which has the weakest frame? Which seems to be the oldest or that which has the highest level of damage? 

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