What Are the Benefits of Having an Acrylic Shower Installed in My Home?

If you are a homeowner that is in serious consideration of a bathroom remodel, you should consider integrating an acrylic shower into the room. These products are perfect for homeowners that desire to have a stylish, highly-durable shower that involves low levels of maintenance.

There are numerous benefits associated with acrylic showers. In this article, we will review the three main benefits. 

1. Cost-Effective 

Acrylic is a highly-durable material with a high level of longevity. By selecting a shower composed of this material, you will find that you save money on repairs and replacements throughout the years. Furthermore, acrylic is known to retain high levels of heat.

This means that acrylic showers are among the most energy efficient on the market today. While that is certainly beneficial in reducing your carbon footprint, acrylic showers are made from recyclable materials. 

2. Customizable

Many homeowners do not realize it, but acrylic showers are considered to be a highly customizable option. You may choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. This means that you are able to create the shower that directly correlates with your personal preferences and style.

In addition to this, the size and the shape of the shower may also be customized. You may even integrate numerous features. Examples include soap dishes, shelving units, and accessibility features – such as grab bars. 

3. Easy to Maintain 

Acrylic is a substance that is resistant to fading, scratches, and stains. The surface is smooth and non-porous. This means that soap scum, mildew, and hard water will not stain the surface. Cleaning only requires a mild soap and a cloth that is soft. Simply wipe down and your shower will look new for years and years to come.

Why opt for another type of shower when acrylic is nearly completely resistant to damage? If you are in search of a product that is simple – yet sleek – and requires minimal maintenance, an acrylic shower is it! 


When shopping for an acrylic shower, you are sure to find that you have many stylish and appealing options. The products are polished to reflect a natural beauty that you will enjoy for many years. You will find – once installed – that these products offer a spa-like feel. You will enjoy and appreciation the comfort and luxury of your new shower. These types of showers are an aesthetically-pleasing and highly-functional addition to any type of home! 

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