What Are Low-Emissivity Storm Windows?

Storm Windows

Low-emissivity storm windows are those that are certified by Energy Star that have glass that include a very thin and completely invisible coating. This coating helps in reducing the heat loss that is experienced through the glass of a window when outdoor temperatures plummet.

In turn, this helps in optimizing savings on heating during the winter months. Additionally, these specially-designed windows help keep the home comfortable during the summer months and have a high level of insulation.

These windows blend naturally with all existing architecture and are mounted permanently. You may purchase operable models or fixed models. 

The Benefits 

If you are in search of replacement windows that offer numerous benefits, you will be pleased with low-emissivity storm windows. The following outlines the main benefits – according to homeowners:

  • The installation of these windows provides almost the same – in terms of energy savings – as having a full window replacement on the home; however, at about one-third of the total cost. 
  • The windows are fully operable – but you can opt for fixed options. 
  • When installed on the home, low-emissivity storm windows provide a boost to the appearance of both the exterior and interior of the home. 
  • The windows are designed to effectively eliminate drafts. As a result, the interior of the home has a consistent temperature, which optimizes comfort levels. 
  • The low-emissivity storm windows are designed in such a way that they provide a high level of protection against noises on the exterior of the home. 
  • Low-emissivity storm windows are 35% more effective at reflecting radiant level of heat than that of standard storm windows that are composed of clear glass that has no special coating in place. 
  • When installed, these types of storm windows serve as a means of sealing off air and helps in reducing the air leakage associated with the structure where they are placed by a minimum of 10%! 
  • These storm windows have been proven to save homeowners anywhere between 10% and 30% when it comes to cooling the home and heating the home. 
  • Low-emissivity storm windows may be placed in practically every single type of window frame that is currently available on the market. 


When low-emissivity storm windows are installed into a home, they come with weatherstripping that is placed in all of the joints of the structure.

These are composed of materials that have a high level of strength and are highly-durable. The joints of the windows are designed to be either overlapping or interlocked for optimal protection. 

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