What Are High-Impact Replacement Windows? 

If you live in a coastal area — or any area that is impacted by tropical storm systems, hurricanes, or violent thunderstorms — it is imperative that you choose high-impact windows when electing to replace the windows throughout your home. Not only do these windows protect the home – as a whole – they are designed to protect both you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, these specially-manufactured windows will aid in boosting the security of your home, saving you money on energy costs, completely eliminate the need to have storm shutters installed, and will optimize the beauty and overall value of your home. 

The Problem 

During thunderstorms, tropical storm systems, and hurricanes, one of the greatest threats to buildings and lives is debris that is propelled by winds. Wind – at extreme speeds – has the capability of causing significant structural damage and may result in unforeseen injuries.

In the worst case scenario, wind has the capability of causing death. High-impact windows are designed and made in such a way that they are capable of withstanding wind speeds up to – and in many cases – over 170 mph.

High-impact windows are often identified as “hurricane windows” and they are essential in addressing the problem of excessive winds in regions that are prone to high wind events. 

Unique Design 

When high-impact replacement windows are struck, they do not shatter like standard windows. Each window is specially engineered with the highest quality laminated glass. This glass is held in place by multiple layers of highly-durable products that are designed to stay completely intact after the issue of impact.

When the windows are damaged, they will remain securely fastened within the frames in which they are installed. This means that you, your loved ones and the interior of your home are protected at all times. 

A Heavy Duty Framing System 

High-impact replacement windows are held in place by an extremely heavy duty framing system. The frames are thicker than that of the traditional frames utilized in homes and the materials that make up the frame are more durable. These often include vinyl and aluminum.

The glass that is placed in the window is treated with a special type of silicone glazing. As a result of this, if the winds blow or the glass is at all impacted, it will not separate from the frame that is installed within. If you live in a susceptible region, high-impact replacement windows are considered an absolute must. 

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