Top 3 Window Types That Have the Highest Level of Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Window Types

If you are in the market for replacement windows, you will quickly discover that you have many options to choose from; however, it is essential that you understand that some types of windows offer higher levels of energy efficiency than others.

These specially-designed windows aid in reducing the energy consumption of your home during periods of both hot weather and cold weather.

Given the fact that up to 30% of heat loss and heat gain originates with windows that are inefficient, it is imperative to choose energy efficient models in order to reduce energy utilization in your home and cut the costs of utility bills.

In this brief guide, we will outline the top 3 window types – in terms of highest level of overall energy efficiency. 

#1: Low-Emissivity Windows 

“Emissivity” is a term used to describe the general amount of thermal-based energy that a window is able to absorb or the amount it is able to reflect. Low-emissivity windows do not absorb heat; rather, they reflect it. As a result, you will find that unnecessary heat from the outdoors does not accumulate within your home.

The only thing that makes its way into your home is visible light. Low-emissivity windows are designed in such a way that they actually resist the flow of heat. They possess highly insulative properties. The specially-designed coating may be placed on the interior surface of the glass, the exterior surface – or, both! 

#2: Multiple Panes of Glass 

It is a known fact that heat has the ability to actually escape through the glass that is in your window frames through the means of radiation or conduction. If the replacement windows that you choose have more than one pane of glass, this process of heat transference is slowed and – in many cases – completely eliminated.

These panes are insulated with a gas that is placed between each. It may be air, argon, or even krypton. These types of replacement windows will have a higher initial cost, but as time progresses, they will actually save you money.

As a side note, you should opt for either argon or krypton gases with multiple paned windows because they are better at insulating than air. 

#3: Tinted Windows 

Tinting material that is placed on the glass of replacement windows aids in lowering the visible-based transmittance and also the heat gain coefficient from the sun. In short, this means that the insulative properties of the glass is drastically increased.

The sun’s infrared rays that are known for generating heat are not capable of deeply penetrating the tint utilized on replacement windows in the home. Tints are available in different shades and in different colors.

If you go for tinted replacement windows, go for the darker shades as these are known for resisting heat and helping homeowners conserve energy levels. 

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