The Most Popular Types of Walk-In Shower Units Available on the Market Today 

As we grow older, our homes should be modified to properly adapt to our changing needs. Accessibility should be the primary focus. One of the main areas of the home that should be modified is the bathroom. This is because most slips, falls, injuries, and deaths occur in this particular room. One of the most basic – of all modifications – is the integration of a walk-in shower.

These are stylish, luxurious products that will greatly enhance the overall safety of the room. In this guide, we will outline the most popular types of walk-in shower units that you may choose from when electing to tackle this home improvement project. 

  1. The Open Walk-In Shower – This is considered to be the most common type of walk-in shower. It contains no doors. It does have a single panel of glass installed on the side so that moisture does not make its way outside of the unit. In most instances, these are utilized in bathrooms that are small in size. This is – more or less – a standard shower unit. While effective for those aging in place, it is not the most recommended for that purpose. 
  2. Barrier-Free Walk-In Shower – This is one of the best-suited walk-in showers for seniors that are experiencing issues with their mobility. You may choose from a curbed design or no curb. If a curb is in place, it only measures about 1.25 inches in height. This shower is the easiest to access and the easiest to exit. 
  3. Walk-In Shower with Enclosures – In this type of walk-in shower, there will usually be two enclosures that are composed of glass. One of them will be long and the other one will be short. A total of two of the sides will be walls from the bathroom. The two enclosures make up the other two sides. 
  4. Wet Room – In this type of walk-in shower, the bathroom is specially designed. It will have no walls, no doors, and absolutely no curtains. Any and everything within the room can actually get wet because it is all waterproofed. The floor of the shower area is level with the bathroom floor. Typically, there is a central drain where all water flows. This is perfect for those that use scooters and wheelchairs due to having mobility issues. In fact, many nursing homes and assisted living facilities integrate wet rooms for their patients. 

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