Shower Pan Leakage Could Result in Significant Structural Damage to Your Home

It is a known fact that water damage can result in disastrous consequences in any structure. In terms of residences, a leak from a shower pan is considered to be one of the most common culprits of structural damage. This is because of the fact that these types of leaks may occur for many months before there is any sign of a problem.

If you want to avoid structural damage, it is imperative that you know what to look for and understand the effects of a shower pan leak. 

Noticeable Signs 

In some instances, there may be some noticeable signs of a shower pan leak in the bathroom. First, you may find that you have to clean your shower more due to an accumulation of mold or mildew. Next, you may notice higher concentrations of moisture on the floor, around the shower doors, and other locations.

Rugs, tiles, and other types of flooring may actually be completely wet. Many of these signs may be taken as overflow from the enclosure; however, if you notice them, you must consider the fact that your shower pan could be leaking.

Here are additional signs:

  • Tiles and other types of flooring near the shower may become loose or bulge
  • If there is carpet that shares a wall with the shower unit, you may find that it becomes soggy
  • The presence of water stains on the ceiling near the shower unit
  • Baseboards near the shower may show stains caused by water

What Types of Damage May be Caused by a Leaky Shower Pan?

Shower pans are unique. The damage that stems from each type of shower pan is also unique. Ultimately, it is the water that leaks from the shower pan that does the damage. It can destroy wood, sheet rock, grout, and more. In addition to this, water damage can result in the development of mold.

If allowed to spread, that mold can travel throughout your home. Not only can mold cause its own amount of damage, it is a substance that has to be contained immediately so that it does not detrimentally impact the overall health of those that reside within the structure. 

Filing a Claim 

If the amount of water damage that stems from a shower pan leak is immense, you can have the damage assessed and can file a claim with your home insurance company. You should take pictures of all of the damage associated with the leak.

Once you have taken the pictures and have had the damage assessed, you should immediately have the shower pan and surrounding walls removed and replaced as quickly as possible. 


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