Is It True That a Bathroom Can Make You Sick?

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Yes, it is possible that you may get sick from your bathroom. There are many germs that linger in and around this room. Many are bacteria and microbes that have the capability of causing a multitude of illnesses.

Examples include staph infections, strep throat, and even athlete’s foot. In fact, the three most commonly found germs in this room of the home include E. coli, staphylococcus, and salmonella.

These have been found across many surfaces within the bathroom in numerous studies. Continue reading to learn more. 

Germs – Facts and Figures

Many people do not realize it, but there are right at 200 million bacteria on each square inch of the hands after a visit to the bathroom. A total of 27% of all toilet seats contain yeast and even molds! A total of 64% of all toothbrush holders have yeast, mold, and bacteria on them.

Faucets contain high levels of yeast, mold, coliform, and staph. The same holds true for other surfaces in the bathroom – such as the bathtub, the shower stall, and the shower head.

The truth of the matter is this – your bathroom could very well be making you sick! 

What Causes Bathroom Germs?

To put a stop to bathroom germs, you must know what causes them and where the potentially infectious substances are in the bathroom. Below, we have outlined the top hot spots:

  1. Caulking – Caulking that has been used in the bathroom has the ability to become puckered, to lose pieces or chunks, and to shrink. When this happens, water may seep into the caulking. This results in the growth of mold and mildew. Health complications that may arise stem from the spores that you breathe in from the mold. In turn, allergic reactions, breathing problems, and even rashes may develop in those affected. 
  2. Excessive Moisture – If moisture is allowed to accumulate in the bathroom, it too, could result in mildew – which will transform into mold. You should ensure the room is properly ventilated. Water should not be allowed to stand in the shower or remain in the bathtub for prolonged periods of time. If your shower or your bathtub is damaged, immediately replacement is recommended. 
  3. Windows – If you have old windows in your bathroom, you may find stains or water damage around the frame or on the interior – near the glass. These issues could result in the development of mold. If you notice window damage, you should consider getting both replacement windows and replacing the bathroom’s ventilation system. Both measures will allow you to avoid future complications. 

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