Is It Possible for Blocked Gutters to Cause Damage to a Home? 

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Yes, it IS possible for blocked gutters to cause damage to a home. While many homeowners view this type of blockage as a nuisance, it is capable of becoming much more than that. It has been established that a blockage in a gutter system is actually capable of resulting in serious damage to the home.

Damage to the Roof 

One of the main jobs of the gutter system is to capture water that rolls off of a roof and reroute it away from the home. If there is a blockage, the water will not flow off from the edge of the roof. In turn, the surface of this area of the roof and the materials that are underlining this section of the roof can experience water damage.

Not only will this – eventually – require a replacement roof, but the moisture damage may extend down into the home. 

Damage to Your Home’s Foundation 

When a gutter system works properly, it allows water to flow through and out into a downspout that is designed to channel the water from the home. It this does not occur, the water will simply sit where it lands – which is often at the base of the home, or its foundation.

When this happens, the moisture could result in the cracking, sinking, and even the shifting of the structure’s foundation. Once the foundation becomes damaged, it will act as a domino effect and other types of damage will occur in the home – such as cracked walls. 

Damage to Interior Walls and Other Components

A blocked gutter system may result in spillage of the water that the system is attempting to reroute and channel away from the home. Unfortunately, this spillage often affects areas of the home that are not designed to stand up to constant contact with water – such as the interior walls, the entryway and interior doors, and even the windows.

Over time, the constant exposure to moisture will result in warping, sagging, and overall weakening. Eventually, the moisture will move to the interior of the home. This will cause even more damage as well as the possible development of mold, mildew, fungus, and pest infestations. 

Remove Blockages Immediately

It is a known fact that your home is the largest investment that you will ever make in your lifetime. If you have a blocked gutter system, you must remove the blockage immediately. Failure to do so could result in dire and extremely expensive consequences. We here at Southern Industries Home Improvements can assist you with this endeavor. 

If we find that your gutter system is completely damaged, we offer a wide assortment of competitively-priced systems that we may install on your home. Best of all, we offer a specially-designed system that guards the gutters of the home against blockages. If you would like to learn more, simply contact us now by calling the following number:  +1 (843) 868-5757



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