How to Avoid Injuries This Spring When Cleaning Out Your Gutters

In most instances, cleaning out the gutters is a task that should be completed at least once or twice each year. Unfortunately, it is a task that results in numerous injuries – and even deaths – each year.

Now that Spring is upon us, it is likely that this chore is on your to-do list. Proper education and know-how in gutter cleaning are the keys to a safe and a successful cleaning experience.

In this guide, we will touch briefly on measures that may be taken this Spring to avoid injuries when cleaning out your gutters. 

Start with the Roof 

Prior to attempting to clean out your gutter system, you should clean off the roof of the home. If you fail to do this, debris could come down on you while cleaning the gutters. Additionally, when the next rain comes, it could result in your gutters being clogged up once you have already cleaned them.

Debris on the roof could cause the damming of water on the roof, near the chimney, and near components of your HVAC system – all of which could result in expensive property damage – such as erosion and leaks to develop on the roof. If you do not have the expertise or tools to clean off the roof, hire a professional. 

Ladder Safety 

A ladder will be necessary to clean off the roof. It should be safe, sturdy, and include a shelf to hold a bucket that debris from the gutter may be placed within. You should always let someone know that you are using a ladder.

Best case is to have someone outside with you while you are using a ladder. Always inspect the ladder for issues prior to using. When you open the product, make certain that the hinge arms are extended fully and that they are locked in place. 

Unclog Downspouts 

When cleaning your gutters, go through the process of unclogging the downspouts. Once you have cleaned the top level of the gutters, you may then run water through at full pressure. This will push out additional debris that has been left behind.

It may be best to disconnect the bottom of the downspout if it runs into an underground drain. This way, you can ensure that all debris is being eliminated and will not clog up that underground drain. If this happens, the task will become more tedious and time-consuming. 

Contact Us Today 

If you are ready to get to the point where you do not have to clean out your home’s gutter system once or twice a year, contact us here at Southern Industries Home Improvements today. We offer the Ultimate Gutter Guard System.

In short, there are protective pieces put into place that do not allow debris to become lodged in your gutter system. We can quickly and easily transform your gutter system from one that is a nuisance and requires consistent maintenance to one that does not require any additional work.

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