Hidden Mold Growing Underneath Your Home’s Siding Could Prove Dangerous 


It is not at all unusual for mold to develop on the exterior of the home’s siding. In most instances, this can quickly be resolved by applying a specially-designed cleaner and a little high-pressure water. It is easy to see and it is easy to catch before it gets out of hand.

The real issue is when mold starts growing underneath the siding of your home. When unbeknown to you – the homeowner – it can quickly spread and result in a wide array of dangers. I

Why and How Does Mold Develop? 

Mold is a type of fungi that is living. It is often found on the exterior of homes and may be found on the interior. In order for it to grow, it must be humid, warm, and damp. Once these conditions are present, it will proliferate and it will spread rapidly.

As mold spores develop, the fungus is able to successfully reproduce. These may then spread in the air. It is difficult to get rid of due to the rapidly spreading spores. 

How Does Mold Make Its Way Underneath Siding? 

In most instances, the mold seeps underneath the siding. If the siding has cracks or tears, it may enter this way. It is also capable of entering in to the butt-joints of the home’s siding.

If flashing on the home is damaged, mold may go underneath the siding through water that is flowing from the roof. Window headers of the home may also allow access for mold to make its way underneath the home’s siding. 

The Dangers 

There are many dangers that may stem from mold growing underneath the home’s siding. These include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • It can detrimentally impact the structural integrity of the home
  • It eats away at the materials that make up your home
  • Wood, floorboards and other components of your home may start to rot
  • Sections of the home – such as the roof and walls – may actually collapse
  • If spores make their way into the home, it can make all people and pets in the home very sick
  • Those with allergies and respiratory conditions – such as asthma – may end up suffering from severe illness
  • Breathing difficulties may develop

The Solution 

If you have mold underneath your siding, it is best to complete remove the siding and have the area underneath cleaned to eliminate the fungi.

Once this is done, new vinyl siding should be installed on the home. This type of siding is highly resistant to moisture and mold.

Additionally, if your gutter system is failing or old, it should be completely replaced. You should have a gutter system put into place that has a protective guard for organic material so that mold does not start growing inside of it.

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