Egress Window Emergency Exit Types for the Home 

Egress Windows

Every home should have a means – other than exterior doors – for exiting the home in case of an emergency. In several locations across the United States, building codes require egress windows to be installed on a home. The term “egress” means “to leave” or “to go out”.

Simply put, this is a window that is large enough for an adult to – at least – crawl through. These are available in various sizes and various types. Continue reading to learn more about these specially-designed windows. 

What Are the Standard Requirements for Emergency Exit Windows?

At the minimum, the following outlines the standard requirements for emergency exit windows for the home:

  1. Each bedroom throughout the home should have an egress window. 
  2. The minimum size requirement is 5.7 feet. It should be at least 24 inches high and 20 inches in width and the opening should not be any higher than a total of 44 inches directly from the floor. 
  3. Basements should include an egress window that includes a special window well that allows ample clearance to engage in an escape during an emergency. These must be – a minimum – of 36 inches in both height and width. If more than 44 inches from the floor, a 12-inch-wide ladder or step system must be present. 

Types of Egress Windows

The following outlines the most common types of egress windows and a brief description of each:

  1. Casement Egress Windows – These have at least one side hinge and are designed to open much like a door by swinging in or out. 
  2. Single-Hung and Double-Hung – The single-hung includes two panels of glass where the bottom raises and the top stays stationary. Double-hung are two panes and both the top and the bottom sash may be raised and may be lowered. 
  3. Awning Egress Windows – These include a top hinge and tilt towards the exterior of the home for opening. These are ideal for the home, but are not considered to be suitable for basements. 
  4. Sliding Egress Windows – These open in a horizontal way and resemble that of traditional sliding glass doors. Many homeowners select these because entry and exit are exceptionally easy. 

Essential to Safety 

Egress windows are an essential component to safety when it comes to your home. If an emergency occurs, these are large enough to allow emergency personnel access to your home and allow you to safely escape from the structure.

When choosing an egress window, you must check the building code requirements in your area to ensure that which you choose is fully compliant.

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