Common Myths Regarding the Impact of Summer Weather on Your Home’s Siding 

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Now that summer is in full swing, many are focusing on staying safe in extremely high temperatures and UV protection measures. In the same respect, homeowners are placing an emphasis on how to protect their home from the fierce rays of the sun and the extreme temperatures.

One of the main areas of concern is the home’s siding. In this guide, we will expound on many myths regarding the impact of summer weather and the home’s siding. 

Myth #1: High Humidity Levels Will Cause Swelling and Moisture Absorption in Siding 

Your home’s siding should be the type that is capable of withstanding high levels of moisture, humidity, heat, and other types of common extremes that occur in the summer months. If you choose the right type of siding and it is installed correctly, swelling and moisture absorption will not occur.

For example, wood siding could succumb to moisture and heat; however, if you have vinyl siding on your home, these will not be an issue as this type of siding is actually optimal in extremely moist, humid, and hot environments. 

Myth #2: The Hot Sun is Capable of Completely Melting Your Home’s Siding 

In the past, there have been instances where certain types of siding – particularly those that are dark in color – has occurred; however, this is no longer a common occurrence. This is because today’s siding undergoes a manufacturing process where the siding is pressed at a very high temperature.

This results in thermal stability at even the highest summer temperatures. You should opt for these types of siding as they are the most durable of all products currently available in today’s market. 

Myth #3: Extremely High Temperatures Make a Home’s Siding Brittle

There are situations where very high temperatures can result in the contraction and expansion of some types of older siding. This – in turn – results in the siding becoming fatigued and more prone to damage. The answer is to update the siding on your home.

Today’s siding is built to be extremely durable. Most siding is now manufacturers with a special finish that aids in protecting the exterior region against the effects of the soaring summer temperatures. Older siding does not typically include this special finish. 

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