Can Clogged Gutters Make You Sick?

Clogged Gutters

Gutter cleaning is a disgusting, time-consuming, and highly tedious chore. No one enjoys cleaning out their gutters – no one. Unfortunately – unless you have a gutter guard system in place – you will have to clean your gutters out at least one to two times each year.

These systems divert water away from the roof, home, and your foundation to protect the structural integrity of your home. Unfortunately, this chore could prove to be fatal – in more ways than one. 

Yes, you have the standard risks such as falling from the ladder, slipping, and similar events. The truth of the matter is, though, your gutters could be hiding a dangerous bacteria that could result in the development of a serious disease called Legionnaires Disease.

If you experience a serious bout of this disease, it could prove to be fatal. In this guide, we will expound on this danger and provide you with the solution for avoiding contact with the harmful bacteria that causes the disease. 

The Bacteria 

The bacteria that cause Legionnaire’s Disease is called Legionella pneumophila. It was discovered in the year of 1976. During that time, the CDC initialized an investigation at the American Legion Convention in Philadelphia. Attendees became severely ill.

Hundreds of people ended up hospitalized. Several dozen lost their life. The CDC discovered that this bacteria was creating a severe form of pneumonia among the attendees. It was then established that complex system of water – such as gutters – carried the bacteria. 

What Is Legionnaire’s Disease? 

Legionnaire’s Disease results in lung inflammation as a result of the infection that stems from the bacteria. In turn, this causes a severe form of pneumonia. It is contracted by inhaling the bacteria from either soil or water. The same bacteria that cause Legionnaire’s Disease causes Pontiac fever. This is a much milder illness that has the same symptoms as the flu.

Pontiac fever typically clears up. Those that develop Legionnaire’s Disease could die if treatment is not received or they are unhealthy prior to contracting the illness. 

How Does It Get into Gutters? 

The bacteria that cause Legionnaire’s Disease may develop in the water in clogged gutters. It is the perfect breeding ground because the waters are stagnant, murky, and already contain bacteria.

It could also end up in gutter systems due to pests – such as insects and rodents. In addition to this danger, it is possible for the Zika virus and the West Nile virus to develop in clogged gutter systems. 

How to Prevent Dangerous Contaminants in Gutter Systems

If you want to prevent dangerous contaminants from entering into the gutter system, you should have maintenance-free systems put on your home.

An example of such system is the Ultimate Gutter Guard. Not only will you be able to avoid dangerous pathogens, but you will have to perform very little maintenance on your gutters. That’s right! No more gutter cleaning!

If you are interested in learning more about this system, contact us here at Southern Industries Home Improvements now by calling: (833) 240-4900



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