Are There Financial Incentives Available for Homeowners Who Want to Replace the Windows of Their Home?

Replacement Windows

There are many benefits associated with installing replacement windows throughout the home. This is especially true if they are ENERGY STAR certified and include technologies such as low-emissivity coatings, warm-edge spacers, and a layer of argon gas to increase the insulation of the products.

Unfortunately, replacement windows are considered to be a costly endeavor for most. It is not at all uncommon for these products to start out at approximately $400 or higher each. The good news is, there are many financial incentives available for homeowners who are ready to replace all of the windows of their home. 

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The Department of Energy (DOE) in the United States is currently offering a program called the Weatherization Assistance Program to those households that have low to moderate levels of income.

If you are a homeowner that qualifies for Dependent Children Family Aid, Supplemental Security Income, and similar programs, you will likely qualify for this program. It starts with an energy assessment of the home and includes some repairs.

While it typically does not replace all windows throughout a home, it will provide a good start. Some locations even offer the integration of storm windows. Click the following link to start the application process: The Weatherization Assistance Program

Federal Tax Credits 

Until December 31st 2022, homeowners that purchase ENERGY STAR replacement windows qualify for a tax credit of up to 10%, but not to go over the amount of $200. Starting in the year of 2023, the criteria and the limits will change.

It is important to note that the tax credit provided will not cover the cost of installation. To begin the application process through the IRS, you must fill out a Form 5695. 


Local utility companies often offer rebates for homeowners who engage in air sealing and in insulation measures of the home – including the integration of replacement windows. You may search the company’s website or call them directly.

Additionally, there is a special Rebate Finder on the ENERGY STAR website that outlines the various financial incentives available in the area where your home is located.

You may also inquire about financial incentives through the home improvement company or home improvement contractor that you elect to work with to have replacement windows added to your home. 

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