Are Gutters Really Necessary?

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While it is true that most homes are equipped with a gutter system, there are many that aren’t. If you are reading this, chances are, you either do not have such a system installed on your home or – if you do – it is failing. You are likely now faced with a choice – to have a new system installed or to leave it be.

Yes, gutters do add a nice little decorative element to the home; however, the purpose of the gutter system far exceeds this. Are gutters really necessary? In short, the answer is “yes”. 

What Do Gutters Do?

Gutters work to present the accumulation of water damage. Additionally, they are designed to aid in the prevention of the accumulation of mold, mildew, fungus, and other potentially dangerous substances. These systems catch rainwater and other types of moisture and direct it away from the core components of your home – the siding and the foundation.

The redirected water goes into a specially-designed drainage system or into tanks that hold the water so that it may be used later for gardening activities. 

Why Are Gutters Necessary?

There are many reasons why gutters are necessary. In most instances, these systems are not required by legislation or codes, but they are required if you want to protect the structural integrity of your home. The following outlines why these systems should be included on every home:

  1. Gutters are designed to help keep water from building up around the home’s foundation. In turn, this prevents damage, the home to unnaturally settle, and the development of mold. 
  2. If you have a basement or a crawl space on your home, gutters are necessary to prevent these spaces from flooding. 
  3. If the roof of your home has an overhang that is situated close to the siding you have in place, gutters will keep moisture from going on the siding and possibly into the interior of your walls and causing massive amounts of damage. 
  4. If you have property that consists of a soil that is rich in clay, it will absorb the water and may direct it to your home – which causes damage. If a gutter system is in place, the water will be directed to either a water storage system or a drainage system and your home will be protected from water damage. 
  5. Finally, a gutter system will direct water from the roof. If allowed to continuously sit on a roof, water may damage it and costly repairs and replacements will be necessary. 

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