Aging Adults Should Convert Their Bathtub to a Walk-In Shower to Maintain Levels of Independence for Longer 

For aging adults, the investment of a converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower is a wise one. Not only does this action prove to be beneficial in minimizing the risk of accidental trips, slips, and falls it is effective in allowing one to maintain levels of independence longer.

Traditional bathtubs require maneuvering over a high threshold. As we increase in age, this may become increasingly difficult and could impact the ability to actively engage in the bathing process. 

Low-Threshold or No-Threshold Shower Systems

The walk-in showers that are currently available on the market include either a low-threshold or no-threshold. These offer the highest level of accessibility. Minimal or no thresholds result in little to no effort in entering and exiting a shower stall.

For those that utilize walking devices, such as a cane or a walker, a low-threshold is appropriate. For ultimate maneuverability, a no-threshold shower should be considered. These offer the greatest ease of access for aging adults. 

Age Comfortably 

If you are an aging adult, it could be that you do not – yet – require additional accessibility options; however, as you continue to age, you will find that you need a higher level of accessibility.

By investing in a walk-in shower now, you will be prepared when that time arises in your life. These shower systems allow you to age comfortably and result in the following benefits:

  1. By removing a bathtub and having a walk-in shower installed, you are capable of making the most out of a small-sized bathroom without the expense of having the room completely remodeled. 
  2. The style of the walk-in shower may be selected. You may choose from various colors, bases, walls, accessories, and more! 
  3. If you come to a point in your life where you must depend on a mobility device – such as a walker or a wheelchair – the no-threshold shower systems will allow for optimal accessibility. 
  4. Today’s shower systems are designed with surfaces that are very easy to clean. That means that the maintenance requirements are easy and you will no longer have to worry about intense scrubbing. 
  5. A bathtub to walk-in shower conversion can be completed in as little as one day thanks to innovations in the installation process. That means that you do not have to sacrifice the use of your bathroom for long periods of time. 

Contact Us Today 

We here at Southern Industries Home Improvements specialize in bathtub to shower conversions. If you want to age comfortably and maintain your independence for as long as possible, we can assist you! In addition to beautiful and luxurious walk-in shower options, we also offer a large assortment of walk-in bathtub units.

Our dedicated installation team strives to complete each transition as quickly as possible. Our bathing and shower solutions are completely backed by warranties and a guarantee of your complete satisfaction. To learn more, contact us today by calling the following number: 833-240-4900

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