A Brief Guide on Shower Door Styles 

Shower Doors

Choosing the right door style for the shower in your home may prove to be a challenging endeavor; however, if you are familiar with the styles available and the types of showers for which they are suited, the task may be completed with ease.

In this brief guide, we will outline the most common styles and provide key points of interest that will assist in helping you with the task. 

The Hinged and Pivot Options 

The hinged and the pivot shower door styles are among the most common. These are typically mounted with either a single or a double-based hinge. They are designed to swing in or out – just like traditional hinged doors.

These types of doors are best for stand-alone shower models and corner showers. These door styles may be mounted directly to the wall of the shower or to single panels that are fixed. 

Bathtub Doors 

These types of shower doors are significantly shorter than the standard full shower doors available on the market. They are most commonly utilized on combination shower tubs.

You may purchase these doors with or within a frame. In most instances, a combination unit will only accommodate the traditional bathtub doors. 

The Sliding, Barn-Style, and the Bypass Door 

These types of shower doors include at least two panels. Those panels are designed to slide or they may roll along mounted tracks from the top or the bottom of the structure.

These types of shower doors are considered to be ideal for very wide openings that average up to about 60 inches – in terms of clearance or entry space.

These may be used on the alcove shower, combination units, or even in showers that are placed within bathrooms that are considered to be quite narrow. 

The Neo-Angle Doors 

If you have a curved shower or a neo-angled shower, you will almost be forced to go with the neo-angle shower door. These will be able to swing either to the left or to the right.

They are designed to save space and are best for those units that are either installed within the corner of the bathroom or are stand-alone products. 

Final Considerations 

When trying to decide what shower door style to go with, you must consider the size of the room where the shower stall is located, how you want the door to slide over or swing, as well as the overall thickness of the glass that will be installed on the unit.

You should also consider whether you want the door to be semi-frameless, completely frameless, or framed. 

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