3 Signs That Your Home’s Gutter System is Failing

Most homeowners know and understand the functionality of their home’s gutter system. Unfortunately, not all individuals know the signs of a failing gutter system. Even more do not know the consequences that may occur as a result of a failing gutter system.

These include the development of wood rot, foundation erosion, and even the development of mold and mildew – which could have devastating health consequences. In this brief guide, we will outline 3 signs that the gutter system on the home is starting to fail.

If you notice any of these signs, time is of the essence in terms of repair or replacement. Act now before the issue gets too big too fast and results in lasting damage. 

#1: Sagging 

When gutter systems are installed and fully functional, they are designed so that they form a line that is completely straight.

If you start to notice that one or more areas of the gutter system are starting to sag or appear to be uneven, it is likely that you have an issue. If this occurs, the water will be unable to successfully make its way to the downspout.

When this happens, water will pool inside of the gutters. Eventually, the system will completely fail. 

#2: Overflowing Water 

If you find that water is running off of the roof or overflowing on the gutter system near the roof, this could indicate that the system is failing.

This will be most obvious during heavy rains. It is during the heaviest of rains that you will see sheets of water spilling over.

While it is acceptable – to some degree – for a bit of water to spill over without any major concerns, you must remember that if it is spilling over onto the ground, it is likely spilling over on the opposite side, too. This means that your roof and siding could be experiencing damage. 

#3: Pooling Water 

One of the main functions of the gutter system of your home is to direct water away from the structure’s foundation. If the system is failing, that water will start to pool around the foundation.

Not only could this result in water becoming lodged in basements and other areas of the home, it could also cause the foundation of the structure to become eroded. Water should not pool at all. If it does, it should be no closer than 4 feet around the base of your home. 

Contact Us Today 

If any of the signs outlined in this guide are recognizable to you, it is possible that your gutter system is failing. This means that it is time for repair or replacement.

We here at Southern Industries Home Improvements are capable of evaluating the issue to determine the underlying cause. One of our many specialties is gutter systems.

We currently offer the Leaf-Free Gutter System. Right now, we have a low-cost installation special of just $79. Additionally, we offer a special financing offer for 12 months. To learn more, contact us today by calling: (833) 240-4900



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