3 Signs It Is Time to Replace the Wood Siding on Your Home 

As a homeowner, it is likely that you know and understand that there are many benefits associated with having wood siding. Wood is a natural and highly sustainable product that adapts to all types of architectural styles and climates.

Additionally, it is an excellent option for reducing the thermal conductivity of the home and for increasing its overall value. Unfortunately, due to its unique qualities and characteristics, wood siding will eventually break down and will need to be replaced.

Here, we will outline 3 signs that indicate its time for replacement siding for your home. 

1. Dry Rot

When fungi start to attack wood – and it will, eventually – dry rot occurs. This type of wood decay detrimentally impacts both the firmness and overall stability of the wood siding. This occurs more frequently in areas that have high levels of moisture and humidity in the environment.

If the wood siding become soft and is showing signs of dry rot, it is time to move on to a more durable type of siding for your home. If you fail to do this in a timely manner, the structural integrity of your entire home is at risk. 

2. The Presence of Pests 

There are many types of outdoor pests that are naturally attracted to wood. These include powder post beetles, termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and even woodpeckers. If you notice these pests on or around your home, holes developing in your wood siding, discoloration, warping, and other signs of damage with your wood siding, it is time to replace the siding.

Once pests start moving in on the wood in your home, your home is on its way to complete destruction. Before too long, you may find yourself having to move out. This can all be avoided by simply having non-wood siding placed on the home and getting the old wood siding off of the property. 

3. Interior Wall Damage 

If you have noticed that the interior walls of your home are experiencing damage and you are not sure why, it is likely the wood siding. When wood siding starts to fail, moisture is then permeated in an interior manner. Eventually, this moisture results in damage to the interior walls.

The most common sign that this is occurring is finding that the paint or wallpaper on those walls is peeling. If you notice this issue, it is time to replace your wood siding. 

The Solution 

If it is time to replace your wood siding, we recommend transitioning to vinyl siding. Not only is this a cost-effective siding solution that will match any budget, but vinyl is strong and is a natural repellant to humidity, moisture, heat, rot, and other types of damage.

Once you replace your wood siding with vinyl siding, you will find that it is more energy efficient, it brings out the natural beauty of your home, and it instantly increases the value of your home! To learn more and to get in on our low-cost installation special of just $79, contact us here at Southern Industries Home Improvements today by calling:  +1 (843) 868-5757



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