3 Key Factors That Must Be Considered When Shopping for High Performance Replacement Vinyl Windows

If you are in search of high-performance replacement windows for your home, you should know that there are many key factors that should be considered. In this guide, you will be introduced to 3 of these factors. Replacement windows will make an immediate return on your investment. This is especially true if you elect to purchase vinyl windows.

These are maintenance-free products that have a high level of durability and will instantly improve the overall value of your home. Continue reading to learn what it is that you must look for when purchasing replacement vinyl windows for your home. 

1. Gas Insulators 

When you shop for vinyl replacement windows, you will discover that most have one of two specially-designed gas insulators. These include argon gas and krypton gas. Argon gas is safe, nontoxic, nonflammable, and odorless. It is a heavy gas placed between the panes of windows.

Not only does it help in utility costs, but it helps in reducing the filtration of noise. Krypton gas is considered a super insulator. It has a higher level of density than argon gas.

As a result, performance is optimized. When selecting high-performance vinyl windows, you should always select those that contain a gas insulator for optimal performance. 

2. Low-E Glass 

When you are reviewing all of the high-performance glass options that are available for vinyl windows, you should always look for those that advertise “Low-E Glass”. This is a specially-designed glass that includes metallic coatings that are designed to serve as a thermal barrier.

In the cold months, this glass reflects indoor heat so that it stays indoors. During the warmer months, sunlight is allowed in, but the solar energy that heats up the interior of the home is kept out.

Not only does that help reduce cooling costs, but it protects your flooring and furniture pieces from fading. 

3. Warm-Edge Spacer System 

The next factor you should consider when purchasing vinyl high-performance replacement windows is the integration of a warm-edge spacer system. One of the most popular versions on the market today is identified as the “PPG Intercept”.

This is a completely sealed, one piece unit that has a distinct U-channel design. It aids in creating a thermal barrier so that conducted-based heat loss is drastically reduced within the window. It also assists in retaining any gas insulator that is located between the panes of glass. 

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