3 Common Problems Homeowners Experience with Their Gutter System

As a homeowner, it is quite unlikely that you spend a lot of time considering the functionality and overall health of your gutter system. In fact, most homeowners do not give this system much thought at all until an issue arises.

The truth of the matter is, though, these systems are designed to channel water from rain and snow away from the foundation of the home.

If a problem develops with the gutter system, it is quite likely that – eventually – a problem will develop with the foundation. In this guide, we will outline 3 common problems that are experienced by homeowners – in terms of their home’s gutter system. 

1. Lack of Drainage 

When it comes to gutter systems the most common problem – by far – is lack of drainage. This issue develops due to clogs. Generally speaking, homeowners should have a plan in place for maintenance of the gutters at least twice a year.

If this is not done, leaves, small sticks, and other types of natural debris will clog up the entire system. Then, when it rains, the water will have no where to go.

In fact, it will start to overflow. This – in turn – not only results in the development of sagging gutters, it also results in flooding on the lawn. This could cause water to reach and damage the home’s foundation. 

2. Leaks 

The next most common issue faced by homeowners are gutters that develop a leak. Small leaks and holes can usually be resolved by using gutter sealant products.

Large holes may benefit from a patching kit. If the hole starts to crack, it will likely result in the need for new gutters.

In fact, if your gutters develop any type of leak, it may be best to go for replacement gutters. Usually, when a problem develops with a gutter, it rolls over into another problem and so on and so forth. A “domino effect”, if you will. 

3. Improper Pitch 

For the gutter system of the home to be effective, the water within it must be able to flow properly. This means that the system needs to be angled in a correct manner. This angle is referred to as the “pitch”. There should be a ¼ of an inch for each 10 feet of gutter line.

If water seems to stand in the gutters or they are overflowing, it could be an issue with the pitch. This is especially true if you have your gutters regularly maintained. 

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